Wednesday, August 13, 2014

50 million dollars for BuzzFeed: Media industry of Technology “on the head … – Meedia

Traditional media companies have been “turned upside down” in the last decade of technology, says Peretti, who is quoted in a release from the company. The “disruption”, ie the destruction of the existing business model of the media, was accelerating “speed of light”. The way how people dealt with the media, had “dramatically” changed

Shortcut:. BuzzFeed has recognized all this founders believe as financiers of the site, which was great with cats content and Listicles and long offers much more than that. Peretti and Lerer believe in social media as a driving force for the content, they believe in a mobile, entertainment and information-seeking user base that simply as possible will come to contents. And they believe that BuzzFeed is a prime example of a media company that is the future.

Apparently believing that the investors. The venture capital financiers Andreessen Horowitz put $ 50 million in the expansion of BuzzFeed. What is the

  • this year to open offices not only in Berlin, but also in Mumbai, Mexico City and Tokyo
  • editors divided into News (classic Breaking News, research, etc. – doubling of the team), Life (service journalism with its own test kitchen -. tripling of employees) and Buzz (viral content, web culture, etc)
  • all video content are of the Department BuzzFeed Motion Pictures coordinating and producing. From animated GIFs to web series. A team will deal with the future of the movie
  • in the new department BuzzFeed Distributed to 20 employees creating content exclusively for platforms like Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, Imgur and Co.
  • Department BuzzFeed Creative employs 75 employees who care only about the production of content for advertisers

“We are in the midst of a historic change in the media industry,” is Andreessen Horowitz partner Chris Dixon. Why the company in BuzzFeed invest? Because understanding’ve captured every part of the organization for technology. This basis would enable, for the distribution of content via social media and mobile devices to be a leader.

The Germany-start BuzzFeed is expected in the autumn.


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