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One of the biggest hurdles of mobile technology – the problem the chronically empty Batteries – could soon belong to the past. For the Startup uBeam has developed a technology with which the charging of an energy storage from a great distance is possible. A first prototype already exists, within the next two years should the appropriate hardware be available for purchase.

Meredith Perry, the 25 year old founder of startups uBeam, has developed a technology that sounds like science fiction. Because this current is converted into sound and transmitted by ultrasonic waves. This can soon smartphones, tablets and notebooks to be recharged, but not only in the proximity of a power outlet or charging station – charging a technical device is as comfortable as the use of Wi-Fi

According to Perry’s uBeam allows. Charging of a technical device, even if it is hidden in the purse or pocket, you do your busy or other things with it. If you are in range of a transmitter uBeam, Smartphone and Co. are permanently loaded. Specific details on the scope of the technology were not indeed made, it simply means that a transmitter can only supply a space, in contrast to wireless signals as ultrasound waves can not penetrate through walls.

ubeam-wLAN power-ny-times-bits

uBeam-founder and CEO Meredith Perry with their invention ( Image: Nick Bilton / The New York Times)

It is worth noting apart from the technology itself, that uBeam transmitters are not thicker than five millimeters and as a wallpaper to the wall can be attached. This smartphone or laptop can take the charge, a corresponding receiver is needed, which allows to combine the ultrasound waves back into electricity.

Perry says that this technology also bring significant changes in terms of equipment design with you could. For gadgets that support uBeam, theoretically require smaller batteries, as they are permanently powered. This is only possible if this technology is widely used, is standard and is found virtually everywhere. Moreover, in their view, charging cables and adapters for outlets abroad may be unnecessary in future with this technology

The young discoverer of uBeam technology has great visions: It has two different products in mind – a charger is for. smaller rooms are designed, one for large locations such as stadiums, airports and the like. For hotels and coffee chains, this technology would be interesting. Assuming that uBeam prevails, we could theoretically in a few years give up battery pack, charging cable and the search for power outlets.

Very casual one has even been discovered yet another use of uBeam. By means of the ultrasonic waves, it is also possible to establish reliable data connection between devices or charging stations. Thus uBeam could also be used for the so-called Internet of Things, in which Home Appliances communicated with each other via the Internet.

As mentioned will come in two years in trading the first market-ready products. As promising as the whole thing sounds, the success of the product and the prospect of permanent cable freedom and never return to the depletion of battery depends on the reliability of uBeam and of course the acceptance of the consumer dependent. Current wireless charging technology as Qi Wireless and Co. have existed for many years – enforced they have not to date

uBeam in the USA has been 18 patents associated with the wireless charging technology and ultrasound. requested. Moreover, the company is nearing completion of a major financing round. Previously uBeam has already received 1.7 million dollars seed capital – to the investors include Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz

Sources: NY Times engadget uBeam

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