Sunday, August 17, 2014

New technology automates data security – (press release)

with GrantMA the expansion of the market-leading authority management technology 8MAN now on the market

The Protected Networks GmbH is expanding its market-leading position of authority management technology 8MAN continues: With GrantMA for workflows is a new technical supplement from now on the market ( GrantMA (Grant Me Access) is a Web-based self-service portal, employees can apply permissions or group memberships with, for example, in which new members of a company or in a department. “This self-organization of access rights relieves especially the IT administrator, who had been solely responsible for rights management and administration Simultaneously, the semi-automation minimizes sources of error in the assignment of rights A secure rights structure spread is, on many shoulders:.. Fewer incorrect access rights, effective management and focus on essential business needs, “explains Christian Zander, CTO Protected Networks GmbH (

the new supplement strengthens 8MAN the individual departments, because they can actively participate in the security of their company from now on. Filed with individual rules, the GrantMA precisely adapts to the workflow: “First Peter is free, then Lisa – such conditions hear Simple answer, could so far without an effective software for authorization management but implemented only very expensive,” said Zander. ” / p>

GrantMA can be integrated into the existing rights management technology 8MAN in a short time. 8MAN shows in a clear graphic to access and use rights that can retrieve in just a few seconds of the Administrator. Existing access rights, use, adjustments and changes are continuously documented. This allows the IT administrator to draw valuable conclusions and consequences to actively protect corporate networks against attacks from within our own ranks. With GrantMA 8MAN makes safety an automatically set part of the company.

More news and development, the Protected Networks GmbH at this year’s it-sa in Nuremberg from 7th-9th October 2014 in Hall 12, Stand 608th

The Protected Networks GmbH ( protects permission management technology 8MAN ( company data against unauthorized access and thus minimized economic damage caused by misuse. The developed and distributed in Germany security technology provides short implementation phase, all access rights and changes in a clear manner and facilitates the administration and assignment of rights. For more efficiency, the automatic audit-proof documentation of all movements in the system provides, according to common compliance requirements. The Protected Networks GmbH offers as a leading manufacturer “8MAN partners” the opportunity to participate in this comprehensive and individually scalable 8MAN technology.


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