Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Photos app: Snapchat with ten billion Rated – Business Week

celebrity investors miss Snapchat Square and according to media reports, new infusions. Venture capitalists expect that the tech companies are worth billions.

The photo app Snapchat automatically disappear when the image is evaluated by investors, according to a newspaper report, now with nearly ten billion dollars. The well-known financial firm Kleiner Perkins have agreed on this basis, on an investment of $ 20 million, wrote the “Wall Street Journal” on Tuesday citing informed people. That would mean a share of about 0.2 percent to Snapchat. Kleiner Perkins is one of the prominent startup financiers and had invested inter alia in Google and Amazon.

Snapchat has reportedly now about 100 million active users. With the app you can send images deleted watching after a few seconds by itself. The app is especially popular among young users. The photo service defeated in last year from a purchase offer from Facebook, which should have lain according to media reports at three billion dollars. The online network agreed shortly after the purchase of the short messaging service WhatsApp for around 19 billion dollars. The current round of financing at Snapchat was not yet complete, reported the “Wall Street Journal”. The co-founder of 24-year-old, Evan Spiegel, guided Startup wants to try this year to make money with advertising, it said. Snapchat commented to the newspaper evasively: Rating and capital requirements are the least interesting aspects, a spokesman for the “Wall Street Journal” and the blog “Techcrunch”

Also, the mobile payment service Square will have a new million cash injection from investors, according to a media report. As the American television channel CNBC reported on Tuesday referring to consecrated circles, launched by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey company will be there to collect $ 200 million. The money come in part from State funds from Singapore, they say. The current round of financing valued the company with six billion dollars. Square allows small businesses through a card reader that is plugged into smartphones, credit and accept debit card payments. The company was founded in 2009 and has as investors among others, the now-enters at Snapchat Wagniskapitalspezis of Kleiner Perkins and the well-known Silicon Valley financier Sequoia Capital on board. The business of mobile payment services is booming – the last US-shipping giant Amazon has boarded the industry



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