Monday, August 18, 2014

Soon facial recognition on Electro Festival? – Virtualnights Magazine

EDM Festivels are enjoying increasing popularity worldwide. Festival of Electronic Dance Music are not only more numerous, but also larger. This is great because it allows more people to be part of such an event. However, go with these big events always tragic accidents, often resulting in death, associated. That is why more and more organizers set a special security precautions on their festivals.

But go alleged that “preventive measures” too far?

More security personnel, stricter bag checks at the entrances … all of these can be thought of as festival Visitors still like to please you. But when degenerates the whole control-delusion in total surveillance? The American Boston Calling Music Festival could now be a “prime example” of a technology that could meet at festivals worldwide us soon. The Facial Recognition Technology

Use the electronic face recognition, the Boston Police will now investigate the participants of the festival. The camera captures this a characteristic facial features of the visitor and then compares this example in a live stream of a concert from. This planned security measure will soon probably used on several similar events, but this monitoring of peaceful festival-visitors has a bitter aftertaste. Maybe potential sources of danger are using face recognition spotted faster , but it is probably questionable whether an accident or violence can be prevented this way really. After all, not everything that is technically possible, reasonable and in the interests of a peaceful festival. Of personal rights and privacy to mention.

What do you think: What security precautions make sense? Do you think the use of Recognition at Festival is a good solution?

Photo: Festival Visitors & amp; Survaillance Camera via Shutterstock


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