Saturday, August 30, 2014

Flatter, larger, sharper: What to look for when buying TV – Business Week

Kathrin Grannemann

At the IFA numerous television will be presented again this year, which functions to break records. A guide through the jungle TV.

According to the motto “What Schweinderl they would like it?”, The choice is currently hard at the TV market. Whether display technology, resolution, range of functions and 3D capabilities: Some things you need to much you can do without.

Currently dominate TV with LED technology to market. This is an advancement of LCD. Where all pixels are divided into the three colors red, green and blue which are mixed together the desired color result. LED TVs use this technology and enhancing it with a backlight that is either embedded within the device (Edge LED) or directly behind the display (Direct / Full LED). The latter technology provides a better and more uniform image quality, but it increases the overall depth of the TV.

Classic LCD televisions are still available, here the display is illuminated with fluorescent tubes. Again, the depth of the device is a disadvantage.

Another option is a television with plasma technology. In these the image with the help of gas. The light source in the device is associated with plasma discharges glow. Plasma televisions offer extremely good contrast.

While LCD and LED have low power consumption, Plasma TV have in terms of image quality currently in the lead. The differences are small but with each generation, many LED TVs can now compete with plasma devices. To the long term not only to have fun on the device, but also a low electricity bill, duration Users should therefore rely on LCD or LED.

A question of size

Before you buy a machine, you should clarify, for which room and for what use it is to suck. Basically, you should opt for a unit with full HD resolution, ie at least 1920 by 1080 pixels. Which screen size is but the right one?

At the IFA are devices with up to 105-inch diagonal screen, which is about 2.7 meters, is shown. It may be confidently slightly less for the normal household. The current best-selling screen size is 46 inches. She is best suited for a distance of between two and three meters between the couch and the device. If you have a larger living room, can also choose a larger TV.

A keyword of this year’s IFA is Ultra High Definition UHD shortly be. It is four times HD resolution. That may sound impressive, but should still be a buying criterion. So far, these devices are still far too expensive. Moreover, this situation is not expected in two years with widely available content for this resolution. The manufacturers of cameras jump slowly on the UHD-train. In addition, there are currently only a few devices ranging in size under 55 inches screen size with UHD resolution.


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