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Retro gaming is in: C64 instead PS4 – Handelsblatt

Berlin Enno coners does not need a full-HD to be happy. Him rich for maximum fun out of even a few pixels. Retro computer games, according to its definition, anything that is older than 20 years are coners great passion. He loves to play on your home computer C64 from the 1980s. “It is to be compared with the love of classic cars,” he says. “An old car never loses its appeal, just like old games and computers.”

His passion for old home computers and consoles has coners made to the profession – as editor of the “RETRO magazine”. While other gaming magazines write about Playstation 4 and Xbox One, C64 and Co. are there in the center. He has hit a nerve, because retro games are very popular. “We reach all levels of society, from the nurses to the CEO.”

The majority of its subscribers is between 35 and 45 years old – so the people with Atari 2600, C64 and Amiga are grown up. But younger readers are, for the old games and consoles are already part of an own culture become that also draws players into the spell, who have never experienced this time. “The original, simple games are still very attractive, because they are in contrast to today’s games reduced to the essentials,” he says.

Maximilian Schenk of the Federal Association of Interactive Entertainment Software confirms the trend for Ur game also in younger players and developers. For him, this shows the appreciation of the video game medium. “The generation that grew up with them, discovered the computer and video game culture of their youth.”

Just as there are vintage car rallies, meet also retro gamers like to exchange ideas and to act. Jens Klöpfel is co-founder of Retro-Marketplace for classic video games. He has identified clear trends that change with time. “Every generation loves, so it was great. At the moment, the generation Super Nintendo’s turn soon comes the generation Dreamcast, Gamecube and PS2. “

As far every console generation better sold than the previous, and the pool of potential retro players to their growing first return systems. Who wants to get into retro gaming itself, can get away with cheaper or more expensive depending on the preferred system. Prices in retro games and consoles are based heavily on the availability, but also depend on how the condition is and whether original packaging and accessories are complete.

in great demand and therefore are priced according Klöpfel currently the Super Nintendo, who came in Europe in 1992 on the market, and the copies of Sega Mega Drive received 1990 Good easily cost 100 euros in the nets. The once coveted Atari 2600 from 1977, however, was more favorable than they were a few years ago. Next Trend device he sees Sega’s Dreamcast console.

This experience

buyers of the console veterans no nasty surprises, trustworthy dealer are important. “Many are even collectors, for the quality of the machines and games is a matter of honor,” says Klöpfel. Buyers should pay particular attention to the parts with high wear. On newer consoles disc drive is a common source of error in older contacts in the module bay.

The volume of the old games have their vulnerabilities. CDs scratch very easily, memory modules may have been damaged contacts. And the battery is dead, can not be saved. These issues should be resolved before the purchase, advises Klöpfel. From buying on the internet he does not recommend – unless you know the seller personally

Enno coners advises especially from major Internet auction houses and purchases prefer. privately among collectors and on exchanges. If the hardware is working, he looks for retro gaming no technical obstacles. “There are purists who want everything to each other have fit.

The tube TV is therefore as old as the console be. “What is needed is not. Thanks to appropriate converter can now be connected to any TV or monitor any system. Also on today’s flat screens to see the old games look good and feel like before. With good maintenance, keep the old treasures long enough to still enjoy the next generation

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