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Audi leads 48-volt vehicle electrical systems technology in a – CAR PRODUCTION

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The premium carmaker Audi will convert a portion of its board network from twelve to 48 volts. Thus, the Ingolstadt want to increase the performance and efficiency of automobiles.

 Audi RS5 eTurbo TDI concept

More power and more performance for new technology: Audi is a part of its on-board network from twelve to 48 volts Switch. – Image: Audi

The possibilities of the 48 volt network has the Volkswagen subsidiary recently demonstrated with the technology supports Audi A6 TDI concept and RS 5 TDI concept. Both models are equipped with electrically driven compressors. This works regardless of the engine load and improves the acceleration performance fundamentally. With the 48 volt technology, also can comfort systems in dynamic chassis applications implement outstanding. Audi is to introduce in brief various applications.

With the current state of the art 12 Volt at the limit of its possibilities have arrived. In sum, the so-called static consumer loads – especially at low temperatures – the light machine that applies up to three kW of power completely. For dynamic new consumer such as powerful electrically driven compressor, the battery power is not sufficient. The solution is a second part electric system with a chip drying of 48 volts, which complements the 12 volt power.

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