Saturday, August 16, 2014

Microsoft is releasing technology to shoot 3D photos – TechNews

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 Logo Windows Phone Store Microsoft released technology to shoot 3D photos From Microsoft can you keep what you want, but it creates the company from Redmond constantly throwing new innovations to the market. Especially the real-time translation of the Americans are working on has stirred up a lot of mud. But also sets in terms of camera technology MS raised the bar just extremely high.

Keller children Engineers from Microsoft have developed a new method with which it is possible with a conventional smartphone camera take 3D photos. How this works I do not understand 100%, but somehow MS has the IR filter replaced with a filter that passes only infrared light. And then somehow BOOM and we have a 3D image. This is because the camera can judge by the other filters, how far away an object is. Pretty freaky technology and BGR is not wrong when it calls this innovation as a “breakthrough”

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