Saturday, August 16, 2014

Post-Messenger in the test: SIMSme – well-intentioned, poorly made – Business Week

Thomas Kuhn and Christian Schlesiger

One day after the start of SIMSme, the WhatsApp competitors of Deutsche Post, the complaints pile up users about technical problems of the new service. We looked at the app precisely.

The day after the start of SIMSme, the new messaging service that the German postal wants to party like WhatsApp, Snapchat or Threema competition, shows that the offer from Bonn still has some quirks and – at least -. laboring with teething

In tests on the editorial repeated problems occurred in different usage scenarios on – from registration to the service about finding contacts to sending the actual message. That are apparently not isolated cases, has a look at the comments page of online services such as, or Google. Also there complain User numerous pitfalls of technology, such as app crashes, delivery problems or strange error messages.

Apparently the system came high number of accesses can not cope. At the Bonn-based company is looking forward via the onslaught of users, learned the business week from well-informed sources. At the same time the technician but also often in the system therefore had to intervene to resolve the technical error.

In fact, the system seems anything but run around. In comments tell users that the post was nachgeschoben a first update for the app on the evening after the launch. On a request from the WiWo the Post said now, among other things, it would do its “sorry that customers had problems with the installation / application. We have our server capacity already increased tenfold in the short term, to meet the large user interest justice.” In Google Play Store the company announced also update the app on: “In addition, we are today publishing a new version that provides all users the self-destruct function permanently free for the first million customers.” This strongly seems necessary, because even in Business Week Test tucked it in SIMSme at several locations:

application: Assuming you manage in the registration process at all extent, the post sends users a six-digit confirmation code by SMS to in order to complete registration. Not doing it, but it appears to be the same. Signing up is possible if you just clicked the sent SMS Link. So why then a code? Many users also report that it did not even manage to get that far. Even entering the information required by the post password for the app failed with them

network. SIMSme wants to access the contacts shortly after application to further to find users who have already installed the SIMSme. The promises the post, done exclusively on the customer’s device. Contact would – unlike other services such as WhatsApp – not transmitted to the server the mail. So far so good – if it’s wrong, what the user but can not verify. However, the scanning of the address book, the supposedly should only take a few seconds, took the test several minutes. So long that the phones already asked if it should perhaps include the apparently unresponsive app

Contacts.: In the later operation, the problems continue with the contact list. So leads about the attempt already listed in the contact list SIMSme other users find via the search function, regularly cause the app to crash. Only for the direct selection of the contact from the list the app is stable, and the writing of chat messages is at least possible

news:. The dispatch of the messages themselves but also anything but smooth apparently works. The note appears in both the WiWo-internal test as well as many external users instead of a send confirmation “Send failed” in the chat window. Nevertheless, the news seems rather random yet to come for the addressee. While were in fact still visible the test transmitter Error sender, trundled the news but in the recipient’s mailbox SIMSme one.


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