Monday, August 4, 2014

Street legal for Quant e-sports sedan with flow cell technology – tz online

The Quant e-sports sedan provides easy pace 350 and may follow for 600 kilometers on a single tank of fuel. But the car swallows no fuel but electrolytes.

For many athletes are electrolytes determined a term. Who, for example, sweats profusely, drinking to prevent a deficiency like isotonic drinks. The term electrolytes fall minerals and salts that the human body needs to function. However, a car can drive it?

The Quant e-sports sedan of the company Nanoflow Cell from Liechtenstein is probably the proof. In the 5.25-meter-long luxury car, the so-called flow-cell technology is. In two memories circulate electrolytes. In the exchange, the ion current is generated.

With an output of 920 hp sprints Quant, loud Nano Flow Cell, in 2.3 seconds from zero to 100, goes even top Speed ​​350 kilometers per hour. At an average speed of 100 km / h is the quantum e-sports sedan

Behind the prototype is 600 km far. Infected significantly CEO and inventor Nunzio La Vecchia. 14 years of the Swiss, has been puzzling to the vision. At the Geneva Motor Show 2014, the quantum e-sports sedan then celebrated its world premiere. Now almost four months later, the car has received the approval for road with the river cells drive concept.

“This is a historic moment and a milestone for our company and perhaps even for electric mobility of the future, “says Nunzio La Vecchia.

Now the company is working hard on, to get started with the Quant e-sports saloon in series production. The four-seater with its gullwing doors that can be opened from the mobile phone via app, looks very smart from., the design is no B-pillar from. Even the interior is impressive. dashboard and center console are made of wood. Whoever wants to can the color of the illumination on demand by pressing a key change. The LED light shimmers then through the woods.

Electrical elegance: Quant e-sports sedan



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