Tuesday, August 19, 2014

LG OLED table lamp Slim – Desk lamp with OLED technology – tecChannel

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Photo: LG

Photo: LG

The first, according to LG desk lamp with OLED technology is not only emit pleasant light and look good, but also consume very little power.

Have the Will-list of gadget lovers end up desk lamps rather rare. No wonder there is but little space for gadgets and pioneering innovations. That does not necessarily apply, LG wants to prove with his new based on OLED technology designer people.

The LG OLED table lamp Slim is thanks to organic light emitting diodes emit a pleasant homogeneous light and 360 lumens of light output just need even 9.5 watts of power. The life span, usually one of the big problems in OLEDs should be at 10,000 hours.

The lamp should be to have an RRP of € 449.99 in stores now.


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