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Actor Andy Serkis about the possibilities of performance capture … – Badische Zeitung

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06 August 2014



Andy Serkis (50) has a firm handshake. He apologizes that bring the work as performance capture actor times now with it. For Gollum in “Lord of the Rings” slipped the Briton for the first time in a skin-tight suit, and then inject gestures and facial expressions in a performance capture program. Meanwhile, he is the longest professional for computer-animated characters. He was King Kong and Captain Haddock and now playing in “Planet of the Apes: Revolution” for the second time the chimpanzee Caesar. Markus Tschiedert talked to him.

How much physical exertion requires it to mimic a chimpanzee
Andy Serkis:
You have to be physically fit in any case. Where it was for me this time less troublesome to play than the previous film Caesar “Planet of the Apes”, because he was humanized and upright running. Intensive remains the representation but because one must constantly control his movements
ticket. How much the humans from apes ?
When I started for the first film to study monkeys, I assumed that it would be a species that could be observed objectively separated from him. But I quickly found out how much they resemble us humans. As we also each monkey an individual, no one is like the other, and they have good days and bad days, are very emotional and can be as aggressive
ticket. Caesar is a character that already existed from the seventies in the “Planet of the Apes” film series. Have you been inspired by it
Serkis: Yes, but that was a very different Caesar, which is why I did not looked at the old movies then. I have of course seen the 70s movies, but that’s been several years
ticket. 14 years ago, they began as a movement model for animated figures on. Did you know that you are in a luminary
Serkis: When Peter Jackson for “Lord of the Rings” asked me if I could play in this way Gollum put the performance technology is still in its infancy. So I went as Gollum on set, and my presentation was used by the animators as a reference point for movements. Months later I had all the scenes again turn, this time in a capture suit in a small room without further performer. Since then, technology has again experienced a jump: Today, you can order everything from the diminutive hobbit play to giant gorilla of eight meters
ticket. What does this mean for the acting?
Serkis: type casting is dead in what condition your body is, your gender, your skin color, now it does not matter anymore. Das. prove movies like “The Polar Express,” “Avatar” and “The Adventures of Tintin” I consider myself of course happy that I was right on time at the right place there.
Ticket: / span> Do you feel at times to be subscribed to it as a burden on such roles <
Serkis: I’m from the performance capture as fascinated that I not only play such roles, but also want to try out how far one can go with this technology. That’s why I founded my own studio in London “The Imaginarium”. There’s a team is formed, the digital characters for films, video games and even developed for the theater
ticket. Did you ever have to suffer physically playing
Serkis: Yes, when I played King Kong in 2005 and had to carry a lot of weight on my suit to move cumbersome. For eight weeks, I was running around only on the knuckles, which then swell, which hurt like hell
ticket. At the moment you are in front for the next “Star Wars” movie the camera. They play what performance capture role in
Serkis: Since I’m unfortunately sworn to secrecy, but already the practice day with all the “Star Wars” icons was ! great
ticket: What is else to still
Serkis: I am with “Avengers 2 “here and play in the next” Tintin “adventure again Captain Haddock. In addition, we are developing remakes of “The Jungle Book” and “Animal Farm,” in which I will be directing.
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With Andy Serkis, Jason Clarke, Gary Oldman, Keri Russell, Judy Greer, among others
131 minutes, free from 12 years
The Story
Humanity has been decimated by a virus, while monkeys have reached the next stage of evolution. Caesar (Andy Serkis) is their leader, who taught them the language. With the people they want to have nothing to do, yet it comes to confrontation. Malcolm (Jason Clarke) seeks peace with the monkeys until Caesar victim of an attack is. A war seems inevitable …

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