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Questionable Deal Google is said to have paid $ 25 million to Adblock Plus - Sü

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31 January 2014 18:11

is allowed, which means “not annoying”. But in deciding large sums of money? The browser plugin Adblock Plus allows for some time ads from Google through the filter. According to a report, the operating company to have it collected a considerable sum.

Sascha Pallenberg

has a clear goal. More people need his opinion recognize that Adblock Plus that is not what the name implies. No ad blocker that is, on the contrary, “a poorly disguised advertising network with millions in sales.”

The blogger from Taipei has published the now fourth item on Monday, in which he directed against Eyeo, the company that stands behind Adblock Plus. This is so Pallenberg, by some advertisers get millions. Google should pay, for example, speaks of Pallenberg 25 million U.S. dollars.

The fact that some companies pay money for it, and also that Google is one of the paying company, was already known last year. (A Report on Adblock Plus and the company Eyeo can be found here on Sü ) to the numbers, Google no position. On demand, the company repeated what was already known: “Adblock Plus has class=”nowrap”> announced that search ads and sponsored results on Google for” Acceptable Ads “list are suitable. “

comment but comes very well out of the environment of the company: “The numbers are wrong,” it says, “completely false.”

There was a test run for a cooperation with ebay

Ebay, which is among the companies that will pay money according Pallenberg, manifests itself. A spokeswoman says: “There is no contract between Ebay and Adblock Plus and Eyeo GmbH I can confirm that never for the inclusion of Ebay in the money.” Acceptable Ads “is flowed list of Adblock Plus.” The figures were, “used simply wrong and from the air” in relation to Ebay.

Nevertheless, there was a test run, they say. After this, the Group has chosen not to work with Eyeo together.

To understand the business model of Adblock Plus, you need to know: This Adblocker is now the most visited website worldwide. 3.8 million people have it installed in Germany alone in the Firefox browser. The deal works like this: companies pay the company money – that they can then play but a bit of advertising to the millions of Adblock Plus users. The money flows, are “technical expense allowances.”

Acceptable is what “not annoying”

“acceptable ad” looks in return like this: When a Adblock Plus users to enter about “Gold Award” in the Google search, he sees many advertisements of gold dealers – so many that on a 13 -inch screen is only seen a real hit at the bottom of the screen. Reminder: Actually see the millions Adblock Plus users no advertising. Only very few and very specific ads are allowed through, it says, namely advertisements, “do not annoy”.

What’s okay and what is not, after considering official affirmation of Eyeo in each individual case democratically the user base of Adblock Plus. The community should discuss, decide the community of users. The forums are but orphaned, as well as any discussion with. The Forum is the central basis of legitimacy for the companies whose advertisements are accepted.

That no mitdiskutiert, because nothing has changed in the past six months. Then as now, says Till Faida, one of the founders: “We have to create it, there still bring in more involvement of the public.”

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