Thursday, February 6, 2014

Disable remote access: Fritz boxes targeted by hackers - NEWS


Thursday 06 February 2014

Expensive calls to Falkland Islands – who wants to save this shock, you should check the settings of his Fritzbox. The router has been hacked dozens of times in the past.

The Fritzbox is in many households. Sometimes hackers can access it from the outside. The Fritzbox is in many households. Sometimes hackers can access it from the outside (photo: dpa).

owner of a Fritzbox router should check whether the Internet remote access is enabled on the device. In this case this would be better off. Background are several dozen cases in which was open to outside access router and abusive chargeable phone value-added services have been established, as the producer AVM telling. Such a manipulation is only possible if the attacker had the e-mail address of the user or the Fritzbox username, the IP address of the router and passwords known for remote access and user interface. By default, remote access is turned off.

AVM closes a connection with the theft of 16 million digital identities, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has recently made public, not out. However, as the perpetrators are actually arrived at the access, is not yet finally resolved.

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Besides disabling the HTTPS remote access (port 443) as a temporary security measure AVM recommends to check whether foreigners have accessed the Fritzbox. These are examined in the router Telephony menu, if there are unknown telephony devices or diversions have been set up. This applies to delete it if necessary. The activated under certain circumstances Call Through function also needs to be turned off. The manufacturer also recommends affected to other security measures such as the study of all computer for malicious software and modifying all router-related passwords. All steps have been documented AVM on his side.

After a Disabling remote access services such as MyFRITZ or FritzNAS as well as the user interface of the router for the users of the road are no longer accessible. For use at home but arise according to the manufacturer no restrictions.


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