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LG G Flex to the test: banana phone with cucumber Display - TIME ONLINE

The curved Android smartphone from LG offers a large screen, long battery life and a scratch-resistant back. However, the display disappointed.

The LG G Flex

The LG G Flex | © dpa / Britta Pedersen

In October 2013, the South Korean manufacturer LG and Samsung competed to see who would be the first to introduce an Android smartphone with a curved display. Samsung has indeed done with just three weeks ahead, in Germany, however, the smartphone from LG will be available first. The G Flex can already be bought exclusively at Vodafone

The new display technology, however, has its price: 800 euros will cost the device. Whether the curved screen justifies the price, has checked in the test.? ?


G Flex is the first smartphone that has a curved top to bottom screen, so is banana-shaped. LG will offer a number of advantages with this curvature to the user. First is the microphone of the G flex thanks to the curvature closer to the user’s mouth than in straight smartphones – like what happened with telephone receivers or even with many clamshell phone. The curved shape is also beneficial for users who want to wear their smartphone despite six-inch screen in your pocket.? ?

movies and games to the user thanks to the screen curvature in landscape mode can look pleasant, as the distance of the display to the eyes at any point is the same. Here LG is pursuing a similar strategy in his new flat screen TVs.

If you look in a direct comparison a movie on the G Flex and on the Oppo N1, the display curvature of the LG smartphone is actually enjoyable. Also in portrait mode in everyday use we feel the G flex thanks to the curvature of the screen often as enjoyable as a straight smartphone. It is not that we ever notice the curved display – the device just feels good.

The operation of the curved screen with your finger is carried out in a more natural movement. The screen curvature is not a hindrance, even in situations in advance for which we had some concerns – for example, when using your camera or play. We had feared that the G Flex wobbles due to the curved shape when it is on a level surface. LG but the camera and the rear power switch is mounted so that both elements support the smartphone when it is on the back.? ?

G Flex has a six-inch OLED display, which dissolves with 1280 by 720 pixels – for this screen size, this is a rather low resolution, the pixel density is comparatively low 245 ppi. The bending of the screen is made possible by a plastic substrate made of the display panel which is flexible and can be bent. LG calls this technology Plastic OLED (POLED).? ?

In the background of the display image, the pattern of the underlying panel is visible: This shows up as a kind of fine-grained noise, which can be seen in all colors except black. Screen contents appear as on a kind of canvas, what bothers when scrolling, since the pattern does not move – for example in the browser. Also in this video effect is striking.? ?

Furthermore, we can observe a kind of ghost: we start, for example, an app that sometimes remain for a short time the icons of the home screen as a shadow visible. To rule out that it is a defective screen of our test unit, we at LG G Flex requested a second – the manufacturer held our first tester defective. However, the second test pattern shows the same display properties. Apparently provide the background pattern and the ghosting a technical limitation of the POLEDs dar. ? ?

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