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Google's "Project Macaw": A cell phone for Lego fans - STERN.DE

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piece by piece. example, the modular phone “Project Macaw” might look like at the end ©

K using the camera to bad memory too small, rechargeable battery to weak? That meant mostly been: A new smartphone must be found. But Google wants to change that. As the magazine “Time” reports, the Group is working on a smartphone for mating. Its individual components are easy to replace easily, like a Lego kit -. Equal without the entire unit must be sent in retirement

The smartphone will come on the market in early 2015, a working prototype will be ready in a few weeks, according to “The Verge”. The idea comes from the mobile phone maker Motorola, which Google has actually sold long since. “Project Macaw” but remained in the Group and is now being developed by the same department as the 3D scanner phone codenamed “Tango”.

Low entry, expensive upgrades

The basic version of the “Ara” is only $ 50 cost (the equivalent of about 36 euros), but only a WLAN receiver is included. The ability to go Internet via mobile phones, there is only an upgrade. This is exactly what Google is: That the user with growing needs – and if his budget allows – the smartphone to ever new modules added. And so might end up spending more money than for a fully equipped from the outset device.

The so-called endoskeleton of the “Ara” will be available in three sizes: mini, medium and jumbo. This core is nothing more than an aluminum frame with circuits and slots, to which all other modules are mounted. From the display of the processor and battery up to the camera. In the medium variant, which corresponds to about the size of a conventional smartphones, will be space for ten components.

For Economical and hobbyists

critics always kept the modular phone for a fantasy, because it breaks with the principle to pack as many components of a smartphone on the narrowest possible space. However, Google now wants to make apparently serious about the idea. At a developer conference in April, new details announced and the prototype are shown. With its low entry price targets the “Ara” primarily to customers with little money, for example in developing countries. But even hobbyists are likely to have on the phone blocks their joy.

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