Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sensational discovery in England: 800.000-year-old footprints discovered - N24

Unrest In Bosnia: Protesters ignite Government in Tuzla

Unrest In Bosnia

demonstrators ignite Government in Tuzla

“Fuck the EU ‘

U.S. government emphasizes close cooperation

Manchester City manager Pellegrini:

Manchester City manager Pellegrini

“Chelsea is a small but very rich Horse”

Larissa Marolt

From snap idea is Charity

beer nomination for a good cause

Furniture Fair Ambiente

Furniture Fair Ambiente

Beautiful things that no one needs

Walking Dead Prank NYC

Wicked fun

Zombies in New York

Birth of Man

game film (Trailer)

fans want Minecraft Movie

Katja Likowski

consumer study

online flower delivery in Test

Thomas Amend

U.S. labor market in January

job growth worse than expected

Yellow angel

ADAC scandal

carmaker want “Yellow Angel” return

Colourful opening spectacle in Sochi

Winter Olympic Games in 2014

Colourful opening spectacle in Sochi

robots Restaurant

Machine Restaurant


serving robot

house explosion in Salzgitter

apartment explodes

family drama in Salzgitter

color confess in Sochi -. namely rainbow color To those who stand up for the rights of homosexuals, including Google.

Sochi 2014

Rainbow protest and a twitter Direction Kaiser

U.S. Topdiplomatin Victoria Nuland ensures scandal

“Fuck the EU ‘

U.S. Topdiplomatin ensures scandal


toddlers with tooth decay

Higher quality of life through early retirement


wrong assumption

Curiosities at an Olympic loo

Metin Simsek

Trading Masters

Phase 3 of the stock market game started

Olympic Winter Games 2014

Winter Olympic Games in 2014

opening ceremony is to be gigantic

terror threat in Sochi

“The Americans are nervous”

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