Sunday, February 2, 2014

"The massacre of B-R5RB" Battle in "EVE Online" will cost about $ 300,000 - ABC Online

Over 21 hours, the fight lasted. Almost a whole day blew the players of Space Games “EVE Online”. A total of up to 7,500 pilots fought against each other. The result: 75 destroyed Titans and a loss of up to $ 330 000. The last major space battle in “EVE Online” has caused a huge mess and also rekindled old animosities.

“EVE Online” – A different kind of MMORPG

“EVE Online” is a “Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game”, short mmorpg. Unlike most other MMORPGs, players control in “EVE Online” huge spaceships instead of ordinary characters. The aim is to fight with and act for supremacy in the EVE universe to save. These players form alliances. With mutual aid they hope to reach their goal faster.

Forgotten payment sparked the fight from

Eben those alliances fought the great battle. The Clusterfuck Coalition, short CFC and N3 Coalition fought over 21 hours to the B-R5RB sector. Meanwhile, the battle is “The carnage of B-R5RB” in the “EVE Online” received as history. Trigger of the war was a forgotten payment of Pandemic Legion, an ally of the N3. The regular payments held a space station in the B-R5RB in tact, which secured the sovereignty of the system.

CFC noticed the default and use the advantage of the situation to obliterate the old one competitor. In a spontaneous action, the CFC and its allies B R5RB conquered. The N3 reacted promptly and reached out to strike. After hours of struggle and drastic losses on both sides, the CFC emerged victorious.

This video shows the battle from the perspective of bystanders

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