Thursday, February 6, 2014

New game console still 2014? : Amazon buys Double Helix - NEWS

What comes after the fighting game What comes after the fighting game “Killer Instinct” (Photo: Double Helix)

Thursday 06 February 2014

It is again moving in the market for video games, Amazon offers the development studio Double Helix Games. What was before the online giant? It could be a sign.


  • Amazon Amazon 260.04

rises Amazon in the hardware market for game consoles? The rumors have been around longer, now they get new feed: The online retailer buys the game development studio Double Helix Games. This was confirmed by the company to the U.S. magazine Techcrunch. To purchase amount Amazon did not provide data.

Double Helix has its headquarters in Irvine, California and is responsible for titles such as “Silent Hill: Homecoming” responsible or Xbox One remake of the fighting game “Killer Instinct”. Blockbuster, the Americans had targeted since the establishment in 2007 several, but the ratings of the games press were then usually mixed.

Amazon already has its own development studio in Irvine, which specializes mainly on games in social networks. Double Helix will continue to work on triple-A titles. They wanted to develop “innovative games” for the customer, it said in the quoted Techcrunch confirmation Amazons. Currently 75 employees are employed by the company. The company itself admits, she is currently working on “multiple titles for next-gen consoles and PC.”

Where will Amazon?

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rumored Amazon will bring out your own game console based on Android this year. It will cost under $ 300. The key should be instrumental in the performance of the hardware. The Ouya, also with Android operating system, is available for around 100 euros. Judging by the performance of the console but it is intended more for casual gamers.

ins top segment of the gaming consoles Amazon will not be able to push forward with the help of Double Helix. But is the market power of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo – yet – too large and aligned a large number of development studios on PC, Xbox, Playstation and Wii. It is conceivable, however, that Amazon wants to lure customers with free games, such as in books for the in-house e-book reader Kindle. And this strategy has been extremely successful.


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