Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Study: Beautiful people to forget quickly - RP ONLINE

Jena. A beautiful face is not enough to remain permanently in memory. Without additional leave noticeable features attractive faces in memory less distinct impressions as unattractive, report psychologists of the Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena in the journal “Neuropsychologia.”

The results they themselves had surprised the researchers. “So far, we assumed that it is generally easier to memorize than perceived attractive faces – simply because we prefer to look at beautiful faces,” says the psychologist Holger Wiese. It is assumed that at attractive faces of the learning process to be disturbed by emotional influences, the more difficult a recognition.

psychologists subjects had each shown for a few seconds photos of equally striking faces that have ever been classified as more attractive or unattractive in half. In a second round the subjects were then shown again faces and asked for the recognition. With attractive faces, there were significantly more false-positive results.

“Obviously, we tend sometimes to believe is that we recognize a face, simply because we find it attractive,” said Wiese. If an actress like Angelina Jolie was regarded as the epitome of female attractiveness in the world that was not a miracle.

Besides mere beauty guaranteed special features such as large eyes and full lips while a high recognition value: “At such faces we remember quite well”

.Source: dpa

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