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Snapshots with smartphone Therefore Selfies be soon on data protection ... - ABC Online

you know that a digital photograph (a digital data set) consists of much more than just the visible visual information. In the so-called metadata of each digital photos is sometimes hide information about camera type, settings, technical data, recording time and place. A photo is so much more than just his appearance.

The digital photograph – more than just visual information

Now you’re wondering what that has to do with the future of Selfies. Let us take a daring look into the digital crystal ball: In January, Google announced in its official blog that the company is developing contact lenses that are able to measure blood glucose levels in the tear fluid of patients with diabetes and to pass on – APP interface included.

In a cutting-edge vacancy Apple is looking for a “User Studies Exercise Physiologist”, is to hire a specialist in studies of circulation and energy balance and metabolism and aerobic fitness. In the pipeline is, according to CEO Cook a “portable” product. Well, you already guess what?

Apple provides health care specialists a

Selfies our children and grandchildren will be much more than just naughty self portraits. At the lateral edge of the picture of Emma’s good-humored high-thumb Photo from the gym with the hashtag “# top shape” is “Blood Pressure: 80:120 – Heart Rate: 110 – Blood sugar: 5.5 mmol / L”. Under Maurice’s Selfie from the movies is: “Adrenalin: …; Welding Production: ….; heart rate: …”. And Grandpa Alexander tweets his photo from the nursing home with the metadata blood pressure, body weight, body fat, hashtag “# ifeelgood.”

Nothing is more private

At the same time land their Selfies including valuable metadata on all social media channels and on request also with the family doctor and the pharmacy – where ever precaution, the new blood pressure pills be ordered. The fusion of image data and metadata, coupled with new diagnostic gadgets and more astute internet leads to commercialization of the phenomenon “Selfie”. For the Selfie photographers, this means a further step in the media transparency: Nothing is more private


This raises the question whether it is really true that a portrait of a man always takes away a piece of his soul. And if not “stolen” with our metadata even more of us will. Perhaps it is more reasonable in the future to use his Selfies to myself to learn something new about yourself to use it to reflect -., And not for poses

How will you deal with the Metaselfie? Continue taking pictures and items or would you rather leave only the self-portraits on the phone


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