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19 February 2014 12:35

With the characteristic finger tip to his temple, you can Google Glass giving orders. However, the data glasses also understands spoken instructions.

(Photo: REUTERS )

movie t the moment? Google’s data Glasses Glass startles many people. The Group has therefore created for its first customers Knigge, so the glasses as possible is not negative attention.

A little creepy that sounds: There’s someone sitting opposite at the bar, wearing a metal frame like a pair of glasses on his nose, tapping his temple and mutters it to himself. The small glass block in front of his right eye turns. A light is reflected into the camera lens, which is now pointed directly at the opponent. Power of just one photo? Is he looking after the Facebook profile? He films do?

Google Glass raises new questions behavior. When the carrier must record? Are there places where the glasses are unwanted? A movie theater, an important business meeting? Google is now tips on how Google-glass carrier should behave. The catchiest: Do not be a “Glass Hole”, a play on words, composed of the name of Google’s data glasses, “Glass”, and the English term of abuse


The rules are aimed at users who already go with Google Glass on the nose through the streets. The company calls it flattering, “Explorer”, ie the “discoverer” of a product, the class=”nowrap”> before the end of 2014 officially launched on the market. For it is to apply: Do not be rude, do not behave creepy. “Do not be rude, do not be creepy, do not be a glass hole!” Short one could say also:. Be normal

concerns dissipate, malaise calm

One should expect to be addressed to the device, writes Google. And then kindly explain what Glass actually can – and what is not. In order to dispel the concerns and reassure the general malaise that many have already expressed to the data goggles.

For example, the thing with being filmed: According to various opinions, it is hardly realistic possible actually to make longer videos of his surroundings, without having sucked dry the built into the frame mini battery after only a few minutes. So there is hardly anyone to be, for “Glass Hole” by taking in his surroundings, the other person at the bar by automatic face detection assigns a Facebook profile and then the already almost omniscient Google databases also adds motion profiles via GPS positioning. At least in the current state of the art.

Google’s data treasure to multiply

course, Google hopes, however, that multiplies with the public launch of the smart glasses of their own data treasure. However, should here rather the wearer are the focus, as all those that are visible from the camera lens. Where the owner resides, if he is looking for certain terms. When he can be described as the way to a particular restaurant. Or what news headlines on the so-called prism, the transparent mini-screen, arouse his interest, so he was already on the way calls the whole article and can be read by the software.

Until it is but so far, Google has to confront the prejudices and promote acceptance. A wearable devices called “wearable devices”, though widely considered a major trend in the industry. The customers but they have remained elusive. Also, because many feel watched by them – the devices act more present than the smartphone in your pocket that can comprehensively monitor its owner now


Glass etiquette is mainly in-house advertising: “to break these rules or to be rude, will not ensure that companies for Glass inspire you.” Attracting attention to the “Explorer” with their data glasses so be sure. But do not unpleasant.

ISPO trade show in Munich Google Glass on the treadmill

Networked workout at the gym, sports, tennis and squash mix and a kayak that folds up. The ISPO in Munich presents the latest innovations for the sport in 2014. Oh, and then there’s still a somewhat different encounter with Cristiano Ronaldo.

(Video: Sü )  
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