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Beijing (dpa) – With the start of the 14-day lunar night, China’s lunar rover “Jadehase” started his third stage of sleep despite unresolved technical difficulties


As the official news agency Xinhua reported on Sunday, scientists are still looking for the cause of control problems. They fear that the extreme cold, which may fall below minus 180 degrees Celsius, the “Jadehasen» (Yutu) could further increase.

The technical problems had occurred before the end of January lunar rover had been temporarily shut down for its second moon night. Later, the vehicle has been reported as lost, “woke up” but according to a spokesman of the lunar program in mid-February again. Radar, panoramic camera and infrared equipment of the Rovers were functional, Xinhua reported Sunday.

The long lunar nights are extremely cold because the Erdbegleiter has no atmosphere. Because no sunlight reaches the opposite side of the Erdbegleiters, the solar panels can not power the vehicle during this time with electricity. The first moon night between 26 December 11 January still went smoothly.

The space probe “Chang’e 3″ was on 15 Landed on the moon in December and had to stay the lunar rover. Thus, China became the third nation that has made a lunar landing by the United States and the Soviet Union. The ship is named after a fairy a Chinese legend, lives on the moon. There you render a “Jadehase» Society.

Xinhua report

published on 23.02.2014 at 21:57 clock