Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Top-Level-Domains - 20 Minuten Online

From now on, users can register Internet addresses within new target-specific domains. Wolfram Schmidt, CEO of Swiss registrar Switch Plus AG, talks about the application process, risks associated with domain extensions and about who benefits from the new top-level domains.

Mr. Schmidt, it is a run on the new, from the 5th Give February available domain registrations?
It is initially give “” a great interest for very attractive domains such as. “Swiss”, “. Singles” or. The volume is, however, spread over the approximately 1000 new domain extensions and thus per extension not be so great.

For whom the extension is especially useful?
Business are very interesting, especially so-called Restricted domains, ie domain extensions that you can only register if you are qualified to do so. This is expected to apply for extensions like. “Med” (doctors) and. “Swiss” (Swiss reference). These entries will show the site visitors realize that he is a skilled website for this area. Interestingly, the new endings also for businesses that have not received their desired domain because it was already taken. Now here offer new opportunities. Finally benefited the domain name industry of more sales. The industry estimates that the number will double by domains in a few years.

power want the extension for private users sense?
When I host a party and make this a site that is the domain “» more memorable than “havefun-party. ch ». For a variety of recreational activities, the domain extension can already give an indication of what the website is, and is therefore more attractive – even for private

. Can also apply for a Private necessarily reflect the creation of a new top-level domain (TLD)
The application round for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) for new TLDs is already closed. It is possible, however, that will open a new round again in a few years. However, the application fees of 180,000 dollars already this time were already an obstacle to private.

How can you make with the new TLDs for More Traffic?
Today we know not yet how Google will take into account the new TLDs. That will surely play a big role in Traffic. However, one can already assume that a website visitor will appreciate it if he already looks at the domain extension to what content it is on the website.

Due to the expansion of TLDs it is almost impossible for Internet users to elicit the origin of a website. Have illegal and fraudulent website operator thus not a huge advantage, because they are better able to hide in the anonymity of the Internet
Even today’s personal details of domain name holders in the WHOIS publicly available. This will also be in the new TLDs so. I go on the contrary believe that more control and thus less potential for fraud on the Internet are made by the introduction of restricted domains.

Are local users given preference in the award of new domains, or applies to all the principle “first come, first served”?
The responsible registry decides who is allowed to register a domain . There are public and restricted domains and those used by a company only for itself and its customers (eg “. Google”). In the public domain there is first the Sunrise Period, at the brand owner with a registration in the Trademark Clearinghouse can register their domain in question (eg, “”). Then Landrush phase, in which the registry domains can either auction to the highest bidder or sold through an early-access method to higher prices optionally followed. With the launch of the Public Registration «First come, first served” principle applies.

As a domain allocation runs from concrete?
In Switzerland, you can place a reservation on Switch Plus as a single vendor since November, the domains of the new TLD. These reservations can starting with the launch of the first TLD on 5 February will be converted into applications for registration for domains and Switch Plus tried this then right at the start of the Public Registration to register for a direct access to the registry. If the registration is successful, the customer, the subscription fee for the domain name for the first year will be charged. If unsuccessful, the customer has to bear no cost. The Switch Plus service is free for all customers. In the Restricted Domains Registry defines the regulatory process. This is at the present time, for example for. “Zurich” or “. Swiss” not yet known. In the domains of business, the company determines how it allocates its domains, for example, could receive as identification or as a space for its services subscribed to a corresponding domain by the company each client to manage the services better and in a closed environment.


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