Friday, January 31, 2014

Network find: Play Lego again - but digital! - STERN.DE

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Google Chrome brings the Lego world wonder from the carpet in your browser ©

F ast as beautiful as before: A collaboration between Google Chrome and Lego brings the colorful plastic bricks from the carpet in the browser. With “Build with Chrome” takes a few minutes out of different colored blocks and a few Sonderteilchen (doors or windows) to cobble together a small, architectural masterpiece. Then you can place his building directly on a world map and publish it.

Initially the project according to Google Chrome blog was built by a group of Australian programmer as an experiment, but has now been released for all other Lego fans. Fortunately, there lurks behind the colorful stones enormous potential for addiction. We hereby warn you: once begun, is it not going back as soon


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