Monday, February 17, 2014

Kickstarter has been hacked - Hackers steal passwords - PC World

hackers have successfully attacked Kickstarter

Kickstarter reports a successful attack by hackers. All users of the crowdfunding platform should immediately change their passwords. That’s what happened.

The operators of Kickstarter report that it is hackers succeeded in penetrating into the database of the crowdfunding platform. The attacker could steal various user data. To this end, according to Kickstarter include not only user names, email addresses and phone numbers, but also belonging to the username encrypted passwords. While the passwords were not stolen in plain text, but the attacker could crack the encrypted passwords. Especially when the affected users have not used sufficiently secure passwords.
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For this reason recommends Kickstarter users to change their passwords as soon as possible and to select a new and especially secure password. Should users have also used for access to other services the password previously used on Kickstarter, then the passwords for these services should be changed immediately.


Kickstarter that hackers are not come into the possession of the credit card information of users. You save no complete credit card information.

Kickstarter was made according to the information on the last Wednesday of investigating authorities aware of the hacker attack. Then we have immediately the unused gap closed and strengthens the existing security measures at Kickstarter.

“We regret it scary that this could happen,” writes Kickstarter. The delay between the receipt of the information and the disclosure to the user is based on the fact that they wanted to initially investigate the incident and quickly close the gap exploited. Therefore, the users were informed only on the weekend.

Kickstarter users can also sign up via their Facebook credentials and with Kickstarter. For security reasons, this link was saved for all users so that they need to re-confirm at next logon at Kickstarter.

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