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on which programs users of the popular chat service can upgrade now

The acquisition of WhatsApp through Facebook provides specifically with privacy-conscious German users for unrest: So far WhatsApp CEO and founder January Koum had stressed that he had protection and privacy of users as an important all profits that he could draw from advertising. That’s why he had previously held the service which in Germany has more than 30 million active users completely ad-free. However, with the introduction of Facebook is no longer alone, longer decide what happens to the data of its users Koum. And now looking for alternatives.

Facebook can chat service with more than 50 employees and more than 450 million users cost $ 19 billion (13.8 billion euros) worldwide. And even if the social network assured that WhatsApp is operated until further notice as independent as before, Facebook has access to the WhatsApp data.

German privacy advocates are already warning why: “We believe that these data are linked with the Facebook data,” says Boris Wita of the Consumer Schleswig-Holstein. The Hamburg Data Protection Commissioner Johannes Caspar said, because of the high purchase price of 19 billion dollars, “one can assume that a capitalization must be made on the personal data of the User.” The operator of the blog network policy had already proclaimed Wednesday “Uninstall Whatsapp” tag. The few previously known Swiss competition service Threema any case reported within 24 hours 200,000 new users, which doubled the number of users, such as the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” reported.

When changing to look out WhatsApp previous customers that they not only uninstall the app on their phone. Before, they should in the settings under “Account” delete their account, otherwise the data will continue to be stored on the servers of the company, as the comparison portal recommends.

alternatives to WhatsApp can be found in Apple’s AppStore and Google Play more than enough. But all could so far not as WhatsApp establish itself as a de facto standard. So if you want to change, which should convince even his friends and acquaintances it. An overview of the most important deals.

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