Saturday, February 22, 2014

Breakdown shortly after sale to Facebook: Several Hours Blackout! What's wrong ... - ABC Online

Hardly Facebook has bought the SMS service WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars weakens the technique: On Saturday night, the Messenger had to fight for several hours with connection problems. For many users the reason is clear.

“Connect …”. More but did not then. The SMS service WhatsApp has on Saturday night since about 19 clock connection problems. The sending of messages was not possible. 23 against the clock then clear: WhatApp was back online. WhatsApp announced via Twitter that the service is now working again and apologized for the failure.

reasons for the breakdown were initially unclear. On twitter WhatsApp was only announced that it has server problems. On the blog of the company or on their Facebook page, there was no entry to the problems. But it is clear that it is not only were difficulties in Germany. On Twitter user reported from different countries that WhatsApp can not be achieved.

Some time after the failure WhatsApp responded on Twitter: “Sorry we currently experiencing server issues We hope to be back up and recorvered Shortly.”


U.S. tech-side “The Next Web” writes that it is in the world for hours not everywhere was possible to send messages. 450 million users were affected.

“Zuckerberg is doing NEN update on Whatsapp”

During the failure mingled loads of Häme in the discussion. Twitter users mocked the fact that it was of course typical that Whatsapp just now getting problems after the company was sold for the record sum of 19 billion dollars in Facebook .

“Zuckerberg is doing tions in WhatsApp update so be patient.” Or: “. WhatsApp Your data is being transferred to the Facebook server So no need to worry”, was blasphemed


Shortly after Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg had bought WhatsApp, has been slandered on the deal. Zuckerberg RELATES to the motto: “If you can not beat it, buy it to shut it down.” “If you can not beat them, buy them and switching them off.” A conspiracy theory which is popular on twitter just immense popularity.


Facebook users of ABC Online also suspect some U.S. intelligence behind the problems: “NSA do hinne” commented one Licensees. Other significantly ärgerllicher: “I paid for this app, so Connect!”

Still others give Facebook the blame: “Why does Facebook actually program any functioning app broken Let them stay away from them if they do not already own to bring their run decently sooner is another at work, it is scrap?.. Since I have Whats App, which is NEVER happened … “

Other users say that it is by now time to switch to a safer provider as Threema.

Some users but are also graciously: “Most people have mobile phone contracts with SMS-Flat So why do not you just chill?”

According to “The Next Web” report, other messenger services like “Telegram Messenger” in the United States, a flood of new users. “It’s crazy. We get 100 new registrations per second,” tweeting “Telegram Messenger”.

to the fury of the user adjusts a claim of consumer protection minister Heiko Maas. He has called in the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” for caution in dealing with WhatsApp and Facebook. “Users also need to be clear: you pay for these services with their data,” Maas said newspaper. Therefore, it is advisable to “very carefully” thinking about how to take advantage of the offers.

Maas said he wanted to be used after the sale of WhatsApp on Facebook for clear rules on data protection. The Minister announced that he would speak in the negotiation of new EU data protection rules us to put in the so-called Marktortprinzip “. All providers who offer their services in Europe must, subject to European data protection law”

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