Saturday, February 8, 2014

New Nasa Photo: Curiosity shows how the Earth looks like from Mars - RP ONLINE

Washington DC. The U.S. space agency Nasa has a new picture of his Mars rover Curiosity published on the earth and the moon are to be seen – at least if you look closely


160 million kilometers, the Earth and Mars are currently away from each other – which is about 9656 times the distance between Dusseldorf and Sydney. Since the Nasa knows that you in the photo, you can see on the mountains and much more space, can hardly be seen with the naked eye, where the earth is supposed to be, it has added an arrow made.

another note, NASA also shows that the moon can be seen on the recording, which is 384,400 kilometers away from Earth, it orbits continuously -. therefore about 416 times as far as Dusseldorf from Sydney

Curiosity is since 6 August 2012 on Mars. There, the rover will test whether the Mars suitable as a biosphere.

In the future, people should colonize Mars. A Dutch organization tests from more than 200,000 candidates from 140 countries currently 1058 on their suitability Mars. 24 of them to fly in 2025 in six groups of four to Mars to establish a colony there. A return to earth was not provided.

Click here for the pictures.

Source: spol

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