Saturday, February 22, 2014

Selfies across countries: Smiling in Bangkok, sulk in Berlin - STERN.DE

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Self-Portraits (Selfies) with the phone are all the rage, no matter where – even at the party of the 64th Film Festival in Berlin was eagerly snapped ©

D s gaze into the cell phone camera, put the best face photo and pressed the shutter: is finished the self-portrait or (neudeutsch) Selfie. At first glance, each of these self-portraits seem to be like the others. But it’s true at all.

A group of media experts from around the world has 120,000 Instagram Selfies from five cities (Berlin, Bangkok, Moscow, New York and Sao Paulo) analyzed and placed on Selfiecity into the net. Among other things, they have determined where most will smile: namely in Bangkok. Moscow, however, like to see less friendly (at least in photos), they occupy the last place. And in Germany apparently presents one prefers serious: The Berlin landed in Smile ranking only fourth place


And even more, the scientists found. So far less Selfies be made than you think: Only an average of four percent of the examined photographs were self-portraits. Other findings of the study are less surprising: Accordingly, more women than men set by own snapshot in scene. In addition, the Selfie is more a phenomenon of the younger generation.

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