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Small game, big success: "Flappy Bird" - As soon comes the "Game Over" - ABC Online

Bam – and it says “Game Over”. In “Flappy Bird” which is faster than one would like. Here, the game sounds so simple: The goal is to safely maneuver a chunky bird through an obstacle course made of green tubes. This is done by tapping the screen. With each clue the bird gains a little altitude, before it slides down again. The player has to estimate it, when and how often he has to tap the screen. Otherwise there is the infamous “Game Over” screen.

Less is more

Not only the rules are simple, the graphics and sound are reduced to the least. The graphics are reminiscent of “Super Mario World”. Even the green tubes appear to come directly from the game. There is no music, some sound effects. Including Flapp noises of the bird, the impact sound and a short ring, indicative of the receipt of a point.

latter hear most players rarely. Because the game is, despite its simplicity, unexpectedly heavy. The player has the altitude of the bird timen perfect, otherwise there is immediately the “Game Over”. This is driving so many users to distraction. Thus we read in the app stores often reviews from players who have thrown out of sheer anger her cell phone against the wall.

it but there is no reason to get upset unnecessarily. Who wants to take revenge on the small, chubby birds who puts the smartphone to the side and sits in front of the computer. With this free browser game “Squishy Bird” the tables are turned. Instead of the birds, we now control an obstacle. Here the goal is to pass a bird alive. This results in a lot of blood and soothes the nerves.

A joy for data protection

privacy advocates can look forward to for a quiet pulse. In contrast to other known mobile games like Angry Birds, the game requires almost no permissions. Only the standby mode it wants to prevent and access our internet.

latter is logical, because the app is funded through in-game advertising. And this has the developer, Dong Nguyen, made them rich overnight. Since November 2013, the Vietnamese earned about 50,000 dollars a day. A considerable sum. Especially when you consider that Nguyen has programmed the app in a few nights after his work.

Ad-free version in the pipeline

One end of the success is not yet in sight. Soon there will be a paid version of the game, without disturbing ads. The game itself does not want to Dong Nguyen but change. Because, as he told the technology magazine “The Verge,” a state has “Flappy Bird” reached in which ruined everything one adds the game … “

the nerves of many players he has already done.

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