Saturday, February 1, 2014

Web app shows how much time you waste on Facebook -


01.02.2014 | 12:16 clock

The app of the Online Time magazine calculates how much life you have spent on Facebook.

In the next week, the social network Facebook is celebrating its tenth anniversary. To mark the anniversary, the online magazine Time has released an app that shows how much life you have wasted with Facebook. To determine the active life of the social network, type in the corresponding field, how many minutes you spend every day with reading, Liken and items. If left blank, the program goes from an average of 17 minutes per day from.

After you assign the Calculator nor your Facebook account to. The application scans then their timeline on the frequency of publications and calculated their accession date with. Using these data, the time machine finally determines the time that you have spent in the network and outputs them in days, hours and minutes.


Fiese Facebook Fallen

In statistics, you can also see how many posts you have written on Facebook. The results also can share via Twitter and Facebook.

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