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10 years Facebook: How Mark Zuckerberg's network conquered the world - RP ONLINE

Few Internet companies have so deeply influenced our lives such as Facebook. Approximately every second Internet users around the world shares on the social network of his experiences with his friends. But founder Mark Zuckerberg wants to go even higher.

In 2004, select the Americans George W. Bush as its president again. Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat dies. The emerging search engine giant Google goes public.

And a young man named Mark Zuckerberg brings together with friends from his dorm room from a website to the start, with his fellow students linked to the U.S. elite university Harvard can. There is more of it. Facebook celebrates on Tuesday (February 4) the tenth anniversary.

“It was an incredible journey for me personally and for everyone in the company,” Zuckerberg said recently at the presentation of financial results for the past year. 1.23 billion users, 757 million of them every day, 7.9 billion in revenue from advertising and online games, $ 1.5 billion profit. Facebook has long been eclipsed by the Internet stalwarts Yahoo and AOL.

first, only to elite U.S. universities

planned all this was not, as Zuckerberg told the audience at a conference a few days ago. After the first version of Facebook for his Harvard classmates had done was that he had said to his friends: “Okay, that’s great that there is now this instrument and this community at our university is no question that one day someone will for. build the world. It seemed not to mind that we could be. “

The ten most popular Facebook trends

to several Internet companies had in this task attempts: A few months ago Facebook MySpace had gone to the U.S. and quickly became the largest online meeting place for young people on the Internet, in Germany experienced StudiVZ and its offshoot a rush. But Facebook first spread across the U.S. elite universities more and more and eventually moved past all rivals.

Also in Germany the service is by far the number one, even though the domestic competitors significantly better privacy policy than offered the U.S. company. Worldwide could not even align with its social network Google+ anything against the victorious career of the very rich search engine giant Google. Facebook cracked in the summer of 2012, the magic mark of 1 billion users.

that so many teenagers now prefer romps on the photo app Snapchat, 140-character messages on Twitter settles, chats via WhatsApp or blog maintains on Tumblr, Facebook seems so far to have not harmed the long term.

Alone October to December last year were added 39 million users. “If you look at the size of our community, I am very excited about the speed of growth,” Zuckerberg said. “People participate more.”

What the company founder is reading it? On the number of “Like” clicks or “likes” as it is called in the English version of Facebook. On a normal day in December there are more than 6 billion have been after 3.8 billion the year before.

also some flops

this case, the network had quite insert low blows: The introduced with much fanfare interest Search “Graph Search” does not always hit the mark, the user Facebook Home for Android smartphones flopped completely and the photo app Poke bobs with vanishing from alone images before down. And then there was the IPO, which first became a fiasco. “We have strong blows from enemies,” Zuckerberg said.

His enthusiasm these stumbling blocks but have not slowed down. Zuckerberg’s immodest goal is: “Every network and improve by dividing the world.” Nowadays only had a third of the world population access to the Internet.

“When people are linked only once, they have access to things like basic financial services, health information and education.” What Zuckerberg does not say: People can also log into Facebook then

.Source: dpa

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