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Small game, big money: Developers of the smartphone game "Candy Crush ... - Heise Newsticker

The makers of “Candy Crush” revealed its planned IPO a striking annual profit of more than half a billion dollars.

” Candy Crash “is the mainstay of King Digital Entertainment – also to the investors for an IPO to convince  Click to enlarge
image: King Digital Entertainment
The company behind the popular smartphone game “Candy Crush” goes public. The app, which is also available in the browser and on Facebook except on smartphones and when you have to evacuate in certain combinations of screen virtual candy, has around 93 million users per day. The developer King Digital Entertainment earned a lot of money: last year, came together in a profit of $ 567.6 million


The IPO will bring, according to preliminary numbers up to 500 million dollars. Sales last year reached $ 1.88 billion, as King laid bare in the prospectus. The money making the developer with in-app sales as additional life or useful articles. In the last quarter, over twelve million users bought something in the games of King.

same time is “Candy Crush” by far the most important source of King: The second most popular app “Pet Rescue Saga” came last to 15 million daily players. A total of 124 million users every day to spend time with the five games the developers. During the month, there are 408 million.

The large dependence on the well-known game titles could be regarded as uncertainty in the stock market yet. When online gaming pioneer Zynga is seen just how fickle the business can be. The interest in old hits such as “FarmVille” sinks, newer games could not follow up on this, the users run away. Even the expensive purchased mobile game “Draw Something” proved to be a flash in the pan.

The boost in sales in King began, especially in the last year: In 2012, King recorded only a revenue of 164 million dollars and almost eight million dollars in profits. The company writes a long time in the black: was the last loss there in the second quarter of 2012 with a loss of nearly two million U.S. dollars


Last King played in the Christmas quarter, about $ 159 million profit on revenues of over 600 million dollars. However, an alarm signal for the stockbrokers could the decline in both values ??from one quarter to be: In the three months before, there had been still $ 230 million profit on $ 620 million revenue


The figures show what a financial potential in the small game apps. For comparison, Activision Blizzard, the company behind video gaming hits like “Call of Duty”, “Skylanders” or “World of Warcraft”, recorded a turnover of 4.6 billion dollars last year. The profit fell 12 percent to one billion dollars. In contrast, the Finnish company announced Supercell, which is mainly known for the smartphone and tablet game “Clash of Clans”, most recently a net profit of just over $ 460 million to just under $ 900 million in sales.

largest shareholder of King is the investment company Apax, which holds 48.2 percent. The company’s leadership is one of nearly one-third, including the 46-year-old co-founder and chief Riccardo Zacconi with 10.4 percent. (jk)

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