Monday, February 10, 2014

Dangerous vulnerability: Fritzbox manufacturers Releases Update - STERN.DE

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After announcement of a critical vulnerability AVM has responded and provided an update to its Fritzbox models. ©

D he was particularly nasty scam: A vulnerability in routers of the brand Fritzbox hackers were able to abuse the Internet to their victims to install virtual IP phones and can call them on expensive Hotlines abroad. For instance, reported “The West” by a man from Moers in the Ruhr, whose phone bill was driven within half an hour to more than 4200 euros. It is now known as the criminals are followed: About an open port (number 443), the hackers were able to penetrate into the router and to extract passwords, then they could change the settings to achieve


The AVM company that manufactures the brand Fritzbox router, has provided the weekend now for a total of 19 German and twelve international router models security updates to download. For the following German models an update can be downloaded here:

  • Fritzbox 7490
  • Fritzbox 7390
  • Fritzbox 7362 SL
  • Fritzbox 7360
  • Fritzbox 7360 SL
  • Fritzbox 7330 SL
  • Fritzbox 7330
  • Fritzbox 7320
  • Fritzbox 7312
  • Fritzbox 7272
  • Fritzbox 7270 v2/v3
  • Fritzbox 7240
  • Fritzbox 6842
  • Fritzbox 6840
  • Fritzbox 6810
  • Fritzbox 3390
  • Fritzbox 3370
  • Fritzbox 3272

install the update that is simple, visit his website AVM has released a short step-by-step guide. Customers who use a provided by their cable operator Fritzbox (Model 6360, 6340 or 6320 Cable) to have to wait a bit longer: The new software is currently being considered by the providers and soon released


However, with the installation of the update, it is not done yet. Since the attacker could read the passwords of the router through the vulnerability Fritzbox users must necessarily change the password for the device.

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