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10 years Facebook: What has changed for c't editors? - Heise Newsticker

Ten years of Facebook, and also on the editorial board there are friends and enemies of the social network. Some have a Facebook profile, some reported to be off and then on again, and others never want to be a part of Facebook.

Facebook to collect everything and who is not logged on, the cookies can not escape the older data has become octopus. The personal relationship to Facebook, you do not just today, but actually explain ever since the first big Facebook shaft. Do I want to be here? Why yes? Why not? Also c’t editors have to put up this question and after ten years of examine some of the recent influence of Zuckerberg’s network.

What has changed through Facebook on the internet?

John Endres: “Through Facebook we also keeps people on the screen, which you would never have written an e-mail.” Click to enlarge
Fugitive Known remain Contacts

chief editor John Endres, no own Facebook profile, but his children are active there:

“contacts are durable: the past, the beach-friendships of children have kept exactly to the trip; made jointly attended training sessions, get-togethers at press conferences or traffic accidents usually caused no permanent contacts Today, friends first on Facebook and then gets permanently. something from people that you would otherwise quickly lost sight of., the effect goes far beyond the possibility of contact beyond that has always commanded the Internet. Through Facebook you also keeps people on the screen, which you never written a mail would have. “

Elke Schick: “On Facebook, I’ve met some like-minded people that I would have probably found little in the net.” Click to enlarge
cure with makers around the world

hardware hacks and c’t editor Elke Schick, with its own Facebook profile:

“On Facebook, I have some like-minded people to know that I would have probably found little on the net:. technophiles women, do-it-yourself professionals or DIY beginners with extraordinary ideas Facebook is more permeable than many experts in this regard forums that revolve around themselves and their tight-knit community. What is interesting is divided. too niche products and wacky ideas will be made more quickly accessible to me. way I can also connect me internationally easier and to find a group of like the next. Thus I for example also track developments in the Indian Maker scene, which would be almost impossible without this platform. “

Vahldiek: “What has changed Facebook in the last 10 years for me privately: Nix.” Click to enlarge
What has changed? Nix

c’t editor Vahldiek, not have their own Facebook profile:

“What has changed Facebook in the last 10 years for me privately:. Nix I do not do it, if only because I’m not ready to give my personal data to a highly commercial group without me in any form can control what makes it. “

future holdouts?

Whoever has still not clarified its relationship with Facebook in conclusion, may perhaps be Till Reiners to speak. The Poetry Slammer was dedicated in 2010, with “Future objectors.”

Till Reiners Poetry Slam contribution “Zukunfsverweigerer” of 2010.

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