Monday, February 10, 2014

Ebay Madness: Almost $ 100,000 for iPhone 5S installed using "Flappy Bird" - ABC Online

The withdrawal of the addictive game Flappy Bird from the AppStore drives just pretty strange flowers: Apparently fans of the flutter bird are willing to pay a fortune for an iPhone with installed Flappy Bird


sure can at least close an auction on the U.S. portal of the online auction house eBay. A user put his second hand Apple iPhone 5S with preinstalled Flappy Bird one for sale. Starting with a starting price of $ 650 reached the Apple smartphone in combination with the cult game in a very short time the astronomical price of 99,000 U.S. dollars.

Flappy Bird for 14,000 euros?

This auction has now disappeared from the platform. Whether it has acted as a pure fun commandment, therefore, is completely open, as well as the reason for the cancellation of the auction. Also on the German side of the auction portal can now be found various deals on iPhones with installed Flappy Bird. During offered, among other devices for 5000 or even 14,000 euros, seems a starting price of 650 euros almost like a bargain.

Shady alternative Downloads

fact that iOS devices with Nova-game addiction become real collector’s items in the short term, however, may be doubted. Even if developers Dong Nguyen has the game for unknown reasons removed from the AppStore, the title should still be extremely widespread with an installation base of over 50 million downloads. By the way: The fact that Android smartphones are the asset that is even more unlikely. The app can be found in many sources as APK download that can be installed manually. However, we advise against such an approach because you at worst can capture a malicious malware itself.

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