Saturday, February 8, 2014

LinkedIn buys Job Market Bright - Heise Newsticker

career network LinkedIn takes over the job agent Bright and thus extends its lead to competitors Xing further. Interested is the social network to both the employees as well as to the technology.

specializing in business contacts social network LinkedIn has taken over the job exchange Bright. It is the most expensive acquisition of the career network. 120 million U.S. dollars, the California company has let free the job intermediaries, of which it paid 27 percent in cash and the rest in shares. With completion of the acquisition in the first quarter of 2014 LinkedIn expects, unless the competent authorities have no objection. The user accounts of Bright are still up to 28 February online.

Founded in 2003, the network is particularly interested in the developers and to the development of Bright. Bright and LinkedIn have much in common, writes Vice-President Parker Barille in the company’s blog to take over. The team’s job market and its data-matching technology would fit perfectly for the heading “Jobs you ‘may be interested in” and LinkedIn Job mediator. They want to merge more efficient job seekers and employers in the future.

LinkedIn has about 270 million members of one of the largest social networks and market leader for business contacts. That the New York Stock Exchange-listed stock company recorded 2013 sales of 1.52 billion U.S. dollars and generated a profit of 26 million dollars. Last LinkedIn bought for about $ 90 million, the mobile application and pulses for nearly $ 119 million the web service SlideShare. (jra)

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