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Galaxy S5 strong, but no surprise: Samsung plays it safe - NEWS

 The Galaxy S5 is a very good smartphone -. unfortunately but it is no longer

– width = “680″ height = “383″ /> The Galaxy S5 is a very good smartphone.

Monday 24 February 2014

By Klaus Wedekind, Barcelona

Samsung presents in Barcelona the highly anticipated Galaxy S5. The smartphone offers great technology and the expected fingerprint sensor. But can you wanting the device.

No other upcoming smartphone at Mobile World Congress has been discussed so hot in advance how Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S 5. It should be quite different than its predecessor, offering a new design and maybe a metal housing. In fact, Samsung has introduced a great device, the very strong hardware and the supposed fingerprint sensor in the home button has. But overall, the S5, which will be on sale from April, only a logical development of the Galaxy S4.

The SmartWatch Gear Fit is chic and sporty. The SmartWatch Gear Fit is chic and sporty.

In particular, the expected new design can not offer Samsung. The Galaxy S5 looks a lot like its predecessor. However, it is 8.1 mm x greater with minimum 142 x 72.5 and shows a little more context to the 5.1-inch display, which is only 0.1 inches larger than the Galaxy S4. The resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels is the same, whereby the again excellent AMOLED screen of the Galaxy S5 even has a lower dot density of 432 pixels. The back is made of plastic as usual. Samsung has but the shell matt fluted, which it feels better than the greasy piano finish of the Galaxy S4. Samsung will offer the device in black, white, blue and gold.

As previously circulated, the Galaxy S5 like Sony’s Xperia-Z devices is actually waterproof and dustproof. Since this prediction was true, could also agree that Samsung in the coming months actually still subsequently files a larger premium model with metal back. The robust design of the Galaxy S5, however, has serious consequences: With 145 grams brings Samsung’s new flagship 15 grams more than its predecessor on the scale. However, the stronger battery may have contributed to weight gain. It has a capacity of 2800 mAh, 200 more than the battery of its predecessor. A particularly effective saving mode to extend the battery life in addition.

amateur photographers can rejoice

The fingerprint sensor on the Home button can by its design not be as comfortable to use. But apparently Samsung has brought out the best in no time the device is unlocked, when stroking over the sensor and delays or malfunctions seem to be rare. The front nose has Samsung in the functions of the scanner. So you can assign a finger safe mode where private data and apps to be protected. In addition, you can complete fingerprint Paypal payments.

Samsung yet another additional sensor is placed in the housing. On the back sitting next to the LED flash a heart rate monitor that supports together with the health app S Health users in fitness programs. We Also Samsung has introduced in addition to the Smart Watches Gear 2 and Gear Neo the Gear Fit, which has a slightly curved, narrow display and much sportier looks than the normal Gear models. The Gear Fit weighs only 27 grams, because it is completely made of plastic.

A highlight of the Galaxy S5 is likely to be the 16-megapixel camera, but tests have yet to confirm. According to Samsung, the autofocus has fixed his goal after just 0.3 seconds and the display will show in the HDR mode, a real-time preview – which may otherwise no smartphone camera. As usual with Samsung, the photo app is excellent and provides for hobby photographers plenty of filters and settings. Is almost taken for granted that the camera can record video in 4K resolution.

Probably the best Android Smartphone

Who wants to buy the most powerful of all new smartphones, is likely to be disappointed with the Galaxy S5 in any case. Samsung has built the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 latest high-performance engine, expect the four cores up to 2.5 GHz. The processor can access two gigabytes of RAM, the internal memory is 16 or 32 gigabytes in size, which can be replenished by microSD cards. Like the Galaxy Note 3, the S5 for high-speed data transfer USB 3.0 port – beautiful is not, but very effective. Even otherwise, the unit offers everything you may expect from a flagship smartphone.

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something Samsung is discouraged or not consistently gone in the new interface Sense to work. Much of the Koreans have purified and design and functionality are extremely successful, but especially on the home screen, Samsung could not quite separate from the playful, old Touchwiz.

All in all, the Galaxy S5 again one of the best Android smartphones – possibly the best. The slight disappointment stems perhaps from the fact that the expectations were too high. But probably it is for a manufacturer anything but simple, a completely new approach to go or they do only to be found. The risk to fail with a radically altered design, Samsung was probably just too high. But maybe that was not the only Galaxy S5, what was presented.


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