Sunday, February 2, 2014

LEGO: Play in Google Chrome with digital LEGO - PC Games

Who has no more LEGO bricks in the basement, but do not want to give up the building fun, need to look at times this new Internet application in more detail. With “Build with Chrome” in Google Chrome browser you can easily LEGO masterpieces conjure.

With Build with Chrome can be digitally play with LEGO bricks. With Build with Chrome can be digitally play with LEGO bricks. [Source: See picture gallery] Who wants to play again a little LEGO, which need not necessarily rely on the blocks in the basement, or the Xbox games. There is now also an internet application that goes by the name “Build with Chrome”. Here you can leave your LEGO passion absolutely free rein, stack and stack and stack.

Anyone who uses the internet browser Google Chrome, can in the latest application LEGO bricks Select all kind of a kit. Subsequently, the stones can be creative as desired to assemble masterful buildings, figures and Co.. You can move the stones on your screen, rotate them or change their color.

Draw your masterpieces larger or smaller with the zoom and considered your LEGO works of art from different perspectives. For use comes in the Internet application “Build with Chrome” 3D technology. When you’re done, you can publish on the website use and share with other fans LEOG her your LEGO Factory. Is built on

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