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Apple is fitter

iOS 8: Apple focuses on fitness tracking

03/02/2014, 21:03 clock |

Apple will allegedly be devoting more time to the fitness tracking. With Version 8, the mobile operating system iOS to iPhone users can not only calculate calories burned or spilled kilometers, but can even monitor their heart rate, blood pressure or blood sugar. The reports that Apple Fanblog 9to5Mac with reference to well-informed sources. This means that the long-awaited iWatch Apple could soon become a reality, it is speculated about for months.

to the report, Apple is in iOS 8 a new app called “Health Book” integrate, monitor, and store the different fitness aspects can, for example, count steps, calculate calories burned or spilled kilometers. Also, users of the app can also watch their weight loss or remind yourself of taking medications.

These functions will be no problem for iOS 8. Already, the iPhone 5s can detect whether the smartphone user walks, runs or runs by the coprocessor M7 contained measures motion data from accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass.

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blood pressure and pulse measured with the iWatch

situation is different with other functions of the report, the Apple Insider. The app should be able to also keep blood pressure, pulse, water balance or glucose levels of the smartphone owner in mind.

can still afford a smartphone, yet appropriate third-party accessories is required for this. Although Apple has appropriate hardware patents recently registered yourself for the next iPhone but they are still too early. Much more likely is therefore likely to be the iWatch, which should be equipped with appropriate sensors.

Apple CEO Tim Cook had last summer spoke in an interview from the fact that portable computer technology in the future will be an important part of the equipment world. “I think the wrist is interesting,” he literally said, but declined to comment for a Smart Watch from Apple. The company had last year set various health and fitness experts, including a former Nike consultant.

No new design for iOS 8

The newly integrated app is supposed to be 8, the biggest change in iOS. In the design of any major changes are expected. Apple had completely redesigned only with iOS 7 its mobile operating system.

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weight, blood pressure and sleep measured by smartphone. the video

Healthy PRIME App similar Passbook

will look How the new Health Book App, the blog has already experienced. The surface should consist of a stack of cards through which users navigate by wiping gesture. Each card dealt another fitness or health aspect.


to see the app the Passbook app similar to that already since version 6 is integrated into iOS. With Passbook can be, for example, airplane boarding passes, tickets or coupons manage.

03/02/2014, 21:03 clock |

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