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Project Tango: The mapping tool of the future?

Project Tango: The mapping tool of the future?

With Google’s Project Tango is about a smartphone that can thanks to special cameras capture its surroundings in 3D and transform accordingly. On the phone’s screen so arise entirely new worlds. Google unveiled its ambitious and already far advanced project in a video.

3D cartography with Project Tango

Tango comes from Google’s department for advanced technologies (ATAP). Which, incidentally belonged until recently to Motorola, the sale of the mobile phone producer kept Google the department, however, a. Basically, it is in tango to a smart phone with three different cameras, at the same time understand its software, the movement of smartphones in the room and can create a full 3D map of the environment. The device is able to carry 250,000 according to Google 3D measurements per second.

Project Tango: The prototype smartphone.

Project Tango: The prototype smartphone.

New worlds thanks to Google Tango

After Cartography Tango can convert the data obtained directly for additional functions. So are projected in the actual space complete virtual worlds, which can then be viewed on the phone’s screen as if through a window. Thus, it is possible virtual balls to shoot across the room, or as a test to place furniture in a room. The applications were scratched only the surface of Google, here it is hoped that many more options.

first developers get DevKits for Tango

The project has now progressed so far that Google has begun to send first DevKits to selected developers. All available devices should be distributed until mid-March. The various kits meet this different functions. Some are designed specifically for indoor cartography, some designed for multiplayer games.

Tango is of course far from the production stage, more concrete news about the project we expect as part of the Google I / O end of June.

Video: Google Presents: Project Tango

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