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Project Tango: Google Smartphone recorded in 3D environment -

Google wants to promote the 3D mapping by smartphones and has developed prototypes with specialized hardware. Is performed the Tango Project of the Research Department ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects), which previously belonged to Motorola Mobility, but is not sold with at Lenovo . The project goal is “to give mobile devices a typical human understanding of space and movement.”

Android -based device has next to the camera via additional sensors for motion and depth recognition. The system performs over 250,000 spatial measurements in the second and combines them into a single 3D model of the surrounding space. To cope with the extensive measurement data own image processors are installed.

(Image: Google) (Image: Google)

at the prototype development involved numerous partners. “Last year we worked together with universities, research laboratories and industry partners in nine countries around the world have joined us to bring together the research results of the last decade in robotics and image recognition and the technology to focus in a unique mobile phone,” said ATAP project leader Johnny Lee .

developer APIs pass data about position, orientation and depth of Android applications are written in Java, C / C + + or the Unity Game Machine. Google refers to the devices themselves considered experimental and only suitable for “adventurous” User: “We are therefore looking for professional developers who dream to develop more than just a touch screen app.”

Of the 200 prototypes were produced some already issued for projects such as mapping and navigation within buildings or for the creation of games that use the surrounding space. The other units were reserved for “applications, which we have not yet thought of.” They should go to interested developers, prompting Google to original proposals, “Tell us what you want to create it. Be creative. Be specific. Be courageous. “

Due to regulatory restrictions

by the U.S. FCC, the communications regulatory prototypes are sent only to registered companies or institutions. The delivery of all equipment to up to 14 March take place.

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