Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bloopers Banner: France can pay Google - CBTech

Chris Angel | On 09, February 2014

Google must pay. In addition to the fine imposed in France 150,000 euros fine the Internet company should educate users about French his offense. For this reason, sheet since last weekend, a light colored banner with an embarrassing application the main page of the Google search engine.

Until shortly before the entry into force of the court decision tried Google According to insiders to appeal. It is even been willing a higher penalty, “H” speaks of 850,000 euros to pay in order to keep the image damage as much as possible.

The French supervisory authority National Commission de l’informatique et des libertés (CNIL) had imposed in the spring of the penalty against the company because it does not hold to the French data protection regulations. Google was sentenced in other European countries due to the same crime. In Spain, the Group of Silivon Valley had to meet a demand of 900,000 euros and also in Germany, privacy advocates balk against new privacy policy.

It specifically concerns the standardization of the data protection provisions of all Google services. Google reserves the right, and to collect data from the Services Gmail, YouTube, Google Plus others, combine and use. More news on the topic you will find as usual on the topic page
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