Sunday, February 23, 2014

Apple warns of vulnerability in iPhone and iPad - RP ONLINE


San Francisco Privacy Alert from Apple: The apple company has warned of a serious vulnerability in mobile devices such as the iPhone or iPad. Hackers could get access to e-mails and other communications that should actually be encrypted, the U.S. group warned.

He has therefore provided security updates for the operating system iOS, which runs on iPhones and iPads touch, iPod. However, experts warned that the vulnerability exists even in the current version of the operating system Mac OSX, which comes on Apple laptop and desktop computers used. For this, initially had no security update ready.

If attacker access to the same network as the users have – for example, through the use of an unprotected wireless connection in a restaurant – they could intercept the communication between the user and protected Web pages or even modify


A hacker could, for example, as e-mails or bank data tap, warned of cryptography professor Matthew Green of Johns Hopkins University. “It is as bad as one imagines the”. When and how Apple learned of the problem, the company did not disclose.

Source: REU

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