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Water in the helmet: NASA Astronaut nearly drowned -

The Italian Austronaut Luca Parmitano survived dangerous accident in space.

The Italian Austronaut Luca Parmitano survived dangerous accident in space. / Image: (c) APA / EPA / CLAUDIO ONORATI (CLAUDIO ONORATI)

A faulty space suit brought an Italian astronauts in mortal danger. During a spacewalk water came in his helmet – he nearly suffocated


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The Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano was on 16 July last year on a outdoor use in space when he noticed water in the helmet of his spacesuit 44 minutes after the beginning of his spacewalk. With difficulty he can fight back on the International Space Station. As NASA announced on Wednesday, were at this time already 1.5 liters of water in his helmet – Parmitano could smother


A five-member inquiry committee headed by Chris Hansen, chief engineer for the ISS at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, has worked in the event and presented the 220-page report on Wednesday.

The U.S. space agency NASA has acknowledged that a miscalculation has put at risk the life of the Italian astronauts, because: The same problem with the space suit had occurred about a week before. The experts had but then interprets the water in the helmet falsely as a leak in a water bag, NASA said on Wednesday. “This incident was not investigated properly,” it said. “This could have been avoided, to bring a week later, the life of a crew member in danger.”

investigation eventually revealed that due to a clogged pump water had penetrated from the system for controlling the temperature of the suit in the air supply. NASA has been using the same three decades, space suit model. Such an error was never previously occurred.


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