Monday, December 16, 2013

People's Republic of China: Jadehase sends "Selfie" from the moon - N24

after the U.S. and Russia and China arrived on the moon. The rover “Yutu” now sent photos of herself to the earth. Party and government celebrate the event as a milestone.


Two weeks after the launch of its first lunar mission, China has reported a success. The unmanned rover “Yutu” (Eng. Jadehase) had gone to a nine meters from its landing module “Chang’e” remote location where the two about a minute had shot photos of each other on the lunar surface, reported the official news agency Xinhua. The color images were then transmitted to the earth.

One of the photos was to be seen on the Rover, the Chinese flag. At the Space Center of Beijing were found to cause a President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang. In a message, the Central Committee of the Communist Party, the State Council and the Military Commission welcomed the mission as a “milestone” in the development of the space program of China.

Only on Saturday night continued the landing module “Chang’e” gently on a relatively flat area of ??the moon called Sinus Iridium on. It was the first soft landing of a Chinese spacecraft beyond Earth. After the United States and the Soviet Union, China is the third country to which the succeeded. The “Jadehase” to investigate the lunar surface geology. On a previous mission, the People’s Republic had sent a probe circling the moon before she left intentionally crash on Earth’s natural satellite.

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