Friday, December 20, 2013

Apple's new Mac Pro in a brief test - Heise Newsticker

Since today is the editorial in the temporary possession of a test device in value of 8100 Euro. The configuration corresponds to the processor of the full equipment: Mac Pro with Octanuclear Xeon E5 CPU (3.0 GHz), two D700-Fire Pro graphics cards from AMD with 6 GB of VRAM, 64 GB RAM (DDR3-1867 ECC) and 1 TB SSD. For additional 1,500 euros there would still be a 12-core processor to choose from.

Mac Pro

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Amazingly quiet

The new black Mac Pro is about as big as the old Power Mac G4 Cube, which is smaller than some might imagine him after the first photos. But he weighs more than you think: Five kilos are not exactly easy. During the first day he was in the worst case be heard in the vast majority of benchmarks with a faint murmur (0.1 to 0.2 sone), while longer playing with Dirt II, we still have little unpleasant measured 0.5 Sone. Just by tinkering with the new Final Cut Pro and the free Open CL test Luxmark we heard the fan, which draws warm air through the triangular heatsink upwards significantly with rather noisy 2.7 Sone. Both programs irritate the second graphics card additionally.

current measurements showed a maximum power of 438 watts at Luxmark, with normal applications in parallel mode we only came to 230 watts. Either way, this waste heat will be firstonce dissipated, but Apple has a problem with its vertical, triangular heatsink in the center of the housing (thermal core) the large radial fan dissolved in the glue all three processors and a fine and quiet.

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