Monday, December 23, 2013

RSA Encryption - NSA crypto company should have paid for back door - Sü

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23 December 2013 11:02

attack on the shelter: The NSA has an encryption standard sabotaged – and is said to have paid money for the responsible company. The company defends itself against the report.

order for the American NSA can crack encryption method, he should have paid ten million U.S. dollars to the security firm RSA. The reports the Reuters news agency and relies on material from the fundus of the whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Already in September had the New York Times quoted from Snowden documents, after which the appropriate encryption standard was sabotaged by the NSA. The Reuters report raises RSA before now to have accepted money for it. RSA defends itself against the report.

encryption to crack or sabotage, is one of the top priorities of the NSA. There still applies: Those who communicate encrypted, the messages are not read to outsiders. The NSA, however, would also love to read along at this point.

Thus, the messages remain unreadable, a cryptographic method is applied, in which everything will be left to chance must – and precisely at this point that the NSA Deal on. For ten million dollars RSA said to have agreed to integrate one developed by the NSA random number generator in their product named BSafe. BSafe is integrated into “thousands of commercial applications,” according to its own statement of the company. Are the numbers are not random, they can be calculated – the NSA can crack the encryption and read along News


The RSA denies the Reuters report: “We reject the allegations categorically,” it says in a blog post . The RSA for years have been working with the NSA together and this has always made public.

RSA is now the credibility of the question. If confirmed the report, future products of the company would be viewed with a skepticism. The crypto expert Mikko Hypponen has about announced stay away from the annual security conference RSA, the allegations should agree.

Already in 2007 were first fears emerged that the corresponding NSA number generator could be problematic.

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